Our Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Luxury Lingerie Gift

Lingerie is a really special gift for most women and getting it right can be tricky so it's a real wow when it’s spot on. Our step-by-step lingerie gift buying guide is the fool-proof way to choose a special gift that she'll love.

To find the perfect luxury lingerie gift, just follow these 6 simple steps …and delight your partner with your flawless choice

And if you are really short on time and want to find the fastest way to the perfect present, go straight to our Guaranteed Gift Hacks (link to below)- our express guide, designed to help you find the right gift in 5 minutes!

1. Do your homework!

As with most things in life, a bit of preparation can go a long way - so do a bit of homework first! Have a snoop in your partners’ underwear drawer – it will only take a couple of minutes but will give you a head start in working out what she would most like to receive.

Take a look in her underwear drawer to find out her bra and knicker size and spot her favourite colours and styles. Make sure you look at the sizes on things she wears now, not stuff she used to wear when she was a different size! (We hesitate to suggest it but you could look in the laundry basket!)

Also, have a look at which brands she has bought before, it will give you a good idea of what she likes and knows fits her well.

Many of our customers create wish lists for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays, so if you don't mind her knowing you are considering buying her lingerie, why not ask her to fill in a few ideas on one of our online wish lists and email it to you – that way you can still surprise her but you know she’ll love whatever you buy!

Take a note of anything useful, such as:

  • the brand she wears (this will be on the label)
  • the bra size (also on the label)
  • the bra style (is it padded? unpadded? sheer? opaque? shallow or full in the cup?)
  • the colours and fabrics
  • the style and size of coordinates - knickers, suspenders, negligees etc

Don’t panic if you can’t find all of this out – the size and brand are the most important clues.

Now you are ready to start shopping!

2. Work out which size to buy

The all-important question for any lingerie gift purchase is: what size is she?

Bras sizes are usually a combination of a number (the rib cage measurement) and a letter (this is the cup size, so the bigger the letter, the bigger the breast.) Some bras, especially those without a wire are sized as small/medium or large.

If you have found one or two bras that you know she wears at the moment and likes then simply look at the size on the label of those and buy that size. Bra sizes do vary from brand to brand and style to style so if she wears different sizes, just choose the most common one.

Bra sizes vary from one country to another so check out our international bra size chart if you need to see how the size on the label translates across to the bra you want to buy.

If you don’t have a reliable bra to estimate her bra size from, we can help!

If you’re really not sure about her size then why not consider some of our gorgeous nightwear – it is usually just small, medium or large sized or comes in dress sizes, which is a lot easier to get right!

And remember, if you do decide to take the plunge and estimate her size and it’s not quite the right size, we’ll happily exchange any gift (see our refunds, returns and exchanges policy). Our customers always tell us how wonderful it is to receive a lingerie gift, even if they have to change it slightly.

3. Start by shopping the brand she wears

If you know the brands she wears, there’s no harm in going for one of those, so it makes sense to start your search there. If you can’t see that brand then we can advise you on which other brands are similar to it, or simply choose from our Top 5 Failsafe Lingerie Gift Collections.

4. Choose a style that will suit her

Have a look at the style of underwear she wears now and the sort of clothes she likes.

For example:

  • if she likes fitted tops and you want to get her something she can wear every day then it’s good to opt for a smooth fitting bra.
  • if she wears halter or strapless tops and dresses then it would be good to choose a style she can wear with these.

The failsafe choice is the same style that she currently wears - if she likes fuller bras, opt for a full cup, if she prefers something plunging tht boost her cleavage go for a plunge bra.

Pay attention to the fabric choose too – does she prefer sheer lacy bras, or smoother, slightly padded styles, is she a silk or lace lover? Many of our gift options feature the world’s finest silks and laces so you can really indulge her passion here!

If you don’t know what the style she wears is called, we can help you to work that one out - have a look at our Bra Style Guide and Briefs Style Guide for some inspiration.

If you are worried about making the wrong choice, we find that smaller busted women often suit a plunge bra, fuller busted women suit a full cup bra, and many women suit a balcony bra. Alternatively, you could go for nightwear – a camisole top, chemise or robe is the perfect gift that many women love but don’t get around to treating themselves to!

5. Choose a colour that will compliment her skin and hair colouring or match certain outfits

A lot of women like to own lingerie in different colours to match different outfits so choosing something to match her favourite party dress is a thoughtful gift. If she wears clothes in dark colours, then any strong colours will work really well. You don’t have to always opt for black – although it is always popular! If she wears paler colours or white, consider choosing a neutral colour like ivory, pink or nude which won’t show under her clothes. Or, use this as an opportunity to buy her something a little bit different. We’ve handpicked all of our ranges as we know the colours that women like (even red!) so you’re safe to be a bit more daring if you choose from our selection!

6. Don’t forget the finishing touches

It is officially a crime to buy a bra without the matching accessories …so don’t forget the coordinates!

Take note of the style of briefs she wears – most women have a favourite, so it is best to stick to that, and opt for the same size as she currently wears.

If you don’t have any idea, then a style such as a classic brief or short is popular with lots of women, and of course we can always swap it for her. Briefs and other accessories such as suspender belts are usually dress-sized or small/medium/large etc so just have a stab at the one closest to what she wears. If in doubt, check out our Briefs Style Guide and our Size Guide for help.

And if you want to really impress her…

It’s a good idea to buy at least 2 pairs of knickers – most women wear their bra at least a couple of times before washing it so it's nice to have a couple of pair of knickers to match, and some people like a choice of styles too.

If you want to make her feel really special, why not add a suspender belt, stockings or nightwear – the sort of gifts she might not treat herself to that often but will love!

To finish it off beautifully, your purchase will come complete with luxury gift wrapping – and the option of a handwritten personalised message.

Whether you chose a stunning lingerie set or an elegant piece of nightwear, each purchase will be lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, placed in an appropriately sized gift box, and decorated with pink ribbon. The gift box is then wrapped in brown paper for delivery. Just remove the paper and you have the perfect present all wrapped up. Just select the gift wrapping service on the product page

A handy tip – it is always worth checking the shipping times on any gifts, especially if you are a last minute shopper - however rest assured we offer an express delivery option if you need it. (link to shipping and delivery)

And if it’s all just too difficult…

If you can’t make your mind up, then why not let her choose for herself with a gift card? Available for £10, £25, £50 or £100, our lingerie gift cards will enable her to choose her perfect present.

Most importantly, rest assured, if you do decide to buy her some lingerie and it’s not quite the right size, we’ll happily exchange any gift (see our refunds, returns and exchanges policy), and we will give you extra time for any returns after Christmas.

Bear in mind though that our customers always tell us how wonderful it is to receive a lingerie gift, even if they have to change it slightly – so be brave!

If you need some inspiration, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to the Top 5 Failsafe Lingerie Gifts - these are our tried and tested bestselling gifts, so if in doubt, check them out here!

If you’d like some further help, take a look at Our Guaranteed Gift Hacks (link to below), or contact us by phone, email or pay us a visit in store – find out how to contact us here, we’ll be happy to help.

Go on, take the plunge and buy her luxurious lingerie – it will be worth it!

Guaranteed Gift Hacks

1. Dig out a bra that she wears currently – take a look at the label and note the size and brand (show label image) then simply log on to ouhlala.co.uk and search for lingerie in the size and / or brand she wears – add to basket – and you are done!

2. Ask her to browse our website, create her wish list and send it to you – then simply choose your favourite items and buy!

3. Send us a photo of her by using our Bra Fit by Photo Service (clothes on please!). We will advise the size and style that will suit her and send you some suggestions to choose from.

4. Opt for a gift that is dress sized or sized as small, medium or large etc then simply plump for the size tht she’d normally buy herself - lots of nightwear and bralettes are sized like this.

5. Buy her a gift card – available instantly, so she can choose the perfect present – there’s no way it can go wrong!