Chantelle EasyFeel

Chantelle EasyFeel comes, of course, from the French company Chantelle, being the newest line in the ever-expanding collection. Chantelle can rightly boast of a long and illustrious history, its brand and designs evolving swiftly over the years to keep pace with the changes women have experienced as their lives and roles in society have developed. Here, we look at just a few highlights of Chantelle’s lengthy heritage and explain why their latest collections are some of the best for women seeking to combine style with comfort on a day to day basis. Chantelle's Easyfeel exemplifies this with an even greater focus on comfort and fit ensuring the only time you notice your underwear is when you put it on.

The company that has become the Chantelle we know and love today opened its doors as far back as 1876. In just two short years, its owners were already beginning to make their mark on the market, and demonstrating the flair for innovation that remains with them today. In 1878, Chantelle introduced its revolutionary elasticised fabric which stretched in two directions. By 1902, the Chantelle lingerie range featured their first elasticated girdles, offering a greater degree of comfort for women compared to previous unforgiving fabrics. And yet these new girdles were still able to enhance and emphasise women’s curves, making them flattering yet practical at the same time. And this is a principle that remains evident in the lingerie Chantelle still produces to this day: the focus is not only on the style of the garment, but on how it feels to wear it too. There really is no need to sacrifice comfort for appearance when you wear Chantelle!

In 1949, the company developed its Chantelle brand and gained massive traction in France throughout the 1950s with its slogan – backed up by the performance of its lingerie – ‘the girdle that never rides up’. The year 1962 saw Chantelle opening its first factory in Epernay in the Champagne region of France – which is fittingly still in existence today. In the same year, Chantelle expanded its boundaries by opening an office in Düsseldorf in Germany, beginning the international expansion that’s developed year on year. Today, Chantelle's newest line EasyFeel online means women everywhere can benefit from high end and everyday lingerie, all made with beautiful fabrics that offer a fit that can barely be matched by its competitors. The best department stores and boutique lingerie shops feature Chantelle Easyfeel UK wide, with its popular collections including Cloudia, Floral Touch and more. If you want French style and allure with perfect comfort, Chantelle and Easyfeel cannot be missed.

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