Bra Fitting & Care Advice

How do I check my bra is fitting me correctly?

It is very important that the bra fits correctly so that it is comfortable, provides support, and prevents any unsightly bulges!

If you buy from us at Ouh La La in our Haywards Heath store, we will ensure that your bra is exactly the right size, as well as show you how to correctly put the bra on.

However, there are three very important things to remember:

  1. The back strap is where the majority of the support comes from. It should be firm around your back – enough for the strap to remain horizontal around your body and not ride up.
  2. The wires should sit flat against your chest between your breasts, and sit right underneath them to prevent the wires digging into your ribs. It is important that the wires do not dig into any of your breast tissue.
  3. To ensure the correct cup size, your breasts should be enclosed in the cup with nothing bulging over the top or side of the cup, and there should be no gaping (that is, space between the cup and the breast) or wrinkling of the fabric.

If you need any help with the size or fit of your bra, please call us on 01444 455123 or contact us.

What is the best way to put a bra on?

However you feel comfortable putting your bra on! Our bras can withstand a bit of pulling and pushing, so if you like to do it up at the front and twist it round, then that works well. Always fit a new bra on the loosest hook, as this allows you to tighten it as and when you need to – the fabric will stretch over time due to wear.

Once the bra is on, ensure that the wires lie flat and don’t dig in, and your breasts sit properly in the cups. If you don’t fill the cups properly, lift and reposition your breasts to make sure there is no bulging, or excess fabric at the bottom of the cups. Sometimes a little jiggle can sort everything out!

How should I care for my bras?

All underwired garments need the same care when washing, and this includes bras, basques and bodies. We recommend that you handwash these items, as washing machines can cause the fabric to shrink, and the wires to break or become misshapen.

We also recommend that you do not put the garments in a tumble dryer, and dry the garments away from direct heat such as radiators, as the heat can degrade the wires. If in any doubt, please follow the care advice given on the label.