Aubade is a French lingerie institution and remains ever-popular. Aubade has been making fine lingerie since the 1950s and is daring, elegant and sophisticated. Famous collections include Danse Des Sens, Rosessence and more. With a huge range of bras, briefs, and suspenders to choose from, you are spoilt for choice with Aubade lingerie. Based in the heart of Paris, the company has been lending its unmistakable French chic to the world of women’s lingerie since its founding in 1958. Together with its relatively new Aubade swimwear range, which was launched in 2006, the designer has led the way in terms of innovation and design for many years; and its markets are spread worldwide. But how has this brand become one of the leading names in lingerie and what makes it so appealing to women across the globe?

While Aubade as a company was founded in 1958, its origins go back much further to 1875. Then a specialist in corset design named Dr Bernard began producing lingerie that stretched the bounds of French imagination. Making use of technological advancements, he designed practical corsets that outperformed the competition, and his business grew over the years till it was taken over by the Pasquier family in 1958. They were fast to realise the changing trend from corsets for orthopaedic purposes to lingerie that enhanced women’s silhouettes and their self-confidence in equal measure. The brand Aubade that we know and love today was born and rapidly began to lead the field by investing in eye-catching, provocative advertising. Nor did their thirst for innovation diminish. In the 1960s, for example, the company was the first to introduce colour-matched accessories, so bras and underwear could be teamed with each other and with the corsets they made their name with. In the 1970s, they excelled by revealing new bra designs such as strapless and halter bras, as well as the now-legendary front fastening bra. The 1980s marked new levels of originality when Aubade was the first company to create and sell the thong. And it was only a matter of time until they turned their attention to other areas, such as the introduction of Aubade swimwear in 2006. At each step, this exceptional lingerie company has caught the mood of the times and pushed the boundaries of the lingerie market, and the popularity of Aubade and Aubade swimwear UK wide is a testament to this.

Impertinent, bold advertising and constant innovation have been two markers of success for the Aubade brand. But frankly, all this would be meaningless if women who bought Aubade and Aubade swimwear online or in a boutique were disappointed in their purchases. Fortunately, this is not the case. Aubade’s creativity is perfectly matched with its expertise in lingerie design. The company prides itself on high standards for every cut, and for the comfort and fit of each of the pieces in its range. This is so much the case that it estimates that every item in its collections are a long two years in the design and manufacturing stage before they are released onto the market. Their aim is to create something that perfectly fits each woman’s unique body shape, and that’s reinforced by the way pieces are made. Every bra, for instance, is made up of at least 24 separate pieces. And every collection features bras in an impressive range of sizes and styles. Another aspect that the company takes extremely seriously is the choice of materials used in crafting their lines. Whether it is Leavers Lace sourced from Calais, chosen for its exceptional transparency and therefore its sensuality when incorporated into lingerie designs, or Swiss embroidery, world renowned as a classic material for haute couture, no detail is overlooked. Every item is crafted and finished to perfection, and designed to fit down to the very last millimetre. So, can you buy these superlative lines from an Aubade swimwear online shop? Yes, but there is one important aspect to look for.

Whether you are looking for Aubade lingerie or swimwear from the brand, choosing the right vendor is important. And that is especially true if you are wanting to buy intimate items such as lingerie or swimsuits online. Buying anything over the internet means that you generally have more choice, as you have the whole world at your fingertips. There is also more chance of getting items at a good price, as internet retailers generally can afford to be competitive. But equally, there are difficulties in terms of finding the right levels of customer service to support your purchase. One key piece of advice is to look for an online retailer with expertise in the field. Buying from a department or generic store over the internet, you are less likely to get the personal service you need to make an informed choice. An online boutique that specialises in lingerie and has a long-standing reputation for superb customer service is the best choice when you want to buy Aubade swimwear online. You should be able to contact a member of the team directly at your chosen store if you need to discuss which size you should purchase. They will also know their ranges inside out and will be able to provide details about individual pieces such as fit, colour, care and maintenance of the item, as well as suggesting other pieces that might complement them or alternatives where necessary. You will find the expertise you need to buy any of Aubade’s beautiful lingerie and swimwear with confidence from Ouh La La Limited.

At Ouh La La Limited, we’ve been selecting the finest and most beautiful lingerie on the market worldwide since 2006; and we’ve been immersed in the lingerie industry for even longer than that. What makes us excel at what we do is our extensive knowledge of the brands and their collections that we sell. That means we can offer you the advice you need to choose the finest luxury underwear that fits you perfectly first time, every time. We love Aubade and always have their latest designs in stock, so whether you shop online or at our exclusive lingerie store in Haywards Heath, you’ll receive our personal attention. View what Aubade delights we have on our website at For tailored advice, call us on +44 (0)1444 455123 or email us direct at