Louisa Bracq Lingerie - French Excellence

Louisa Bracq lingerie is all about French luxury and innovation. Since 1990, the house of Louisa Bracq has been wowing us with their elegant and exquisite French lingerie designs. Louisa Bracq lingerie is one of a kind, boasting a feminine yet sophisticated feel. One thing that people love about this brand is that it is creative; always looking for what has not yet been done. Louisa Bracq certainly has a strong brand identity, which is evident through the stunning lingerie pieces that are sold in select retailers throughout the world. Plus, all the elegant embroidery is created in-house, catering for women of all shapes and sizes.

  • Mistakes Made When Shopping At A Lingerie Shop

    If you want to upgrade your underwear drawer with Louisa Bracq lingerie, there are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid. One of the biggest mistakes people make is wearing the wrong bra size. A lot of people believe that going a size smaller will create the illusion of bigger breasts. However, it can actually disrupt blood flow and cause backache, so this really isn’t advised! Not only do a lot of women wear the wrong size bra, but they also wear the wrong kind of bra. There is a different bra for different outfits and activities. Don’t wear a plunge bra when taking a jog!

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