The Best Lingerie Brands for Larger Ladies

Finding good quality lingerie that is specifically designed for plus size women can be a frustrating challenge, more so to find something that isn’t just practical, but gorgeous. Here are some of my favourite luxury brands which cater to larger sizes.

As someone who has worked in the lingerie industry for over fifteen years, I’m a strong advocate that, no matter what your size, you need the correct support. This becomes even more important as you move up toward the larger sizes. The effects of wearing a poorly fitted bra, regardless of your size, include chronic headaches, bad posture, chronic back pain, repetitive neck strain, and the chance of chafing.

Furthermore, a well-fitted bra will do wonders for your silhouette. It helps to keep everything in place, and in doing so will streamline your figure and show off your curves. As a result of this, you may even find that it will allow you to drop a dress size.

Here are some of my favourite luxury brands that also cater to plus sizes:


Eprise is a magnificent collection from one of my favourite luxury French brands - Lisa Charmel. The Eprise collection has been specifically designed to suit fuller figures, as well as to support women with larger cup sizes. With the usual standards of Lise Charmel luxury, Eprise showcases a breathtaking collection of lingerie in a variety of different styles; from the decadent floral lacing and romantic lines of Frisson Dentelle lingerie, to the seductive Guipure Charming - you’ll find something for every taste in this collection.

Louisa Bracq

Originally known as Secret d’Eva, Louisa Bracq offers a long tradition of carefully crafted lingerie, designed to provide undergarments that are not only stylish, but comfortable. Although I have always loved the sophistication of this brand, what makes them stand apart is how they cater for women of all shapes and sizes, with their Elise collection offering sizes up to an I cup and a 46 back.

Prima Donna

Prima Donna is another one of my favourite luxury brands that seamlessly incorporates a sense of vintage beauty with practicality. Each item featured in their range of elegant collections is handmade and individually checked to ensure perfect quality and fit. They also offer bra designs from a B cup to an I cup, and in fifty eight different size combinations.


Last but certainly not least, is a brand that pride themselves on offering perfectly-fitted lingerie, ranging from cup sizes C to G. The collections offered by this luxury brand are designed to feel as though they had been tailored to your individual shape. From the stunning gold stitching of their Verity lingerie, to the airy grace of the Thalia lingerie, the Empreinte range focuses on producing feminine designs without sacrificing comfort or support.