Understanding Different Brief Styles

Understanding Different Brief Styles

On my last post I covered some of the popular bra styles available, and how to pick one to suit you and your needs. So today, I thought it only right to complete the set, and discuss some of the different brief styles available in a bit more depth. I find that at least with bra styles, the name usually gives a bit more indication of what you can expect from the fit, but brief style names can be a little confusing at times - so hopefully this guide will shed a bit of light on the subject.


This is the classic style. Offering fuller coverage of the derrière, the classic brief will either sit on the waist, or a bit lower down on the hips depending on the design. This style is a perfect balance of vintage aesthetic, comfort, and coverage, and will suit most body types. It is also one of the most comfortable styles when worn throughout the course of the day. This Empreinte Cassiopee brief is a great example with daisy sides.

Deep Brief

For those who need a bit more coverage and comfort than offered by the classic brief, the deep brief is an excellent choice. Offering full coverage of the derrière, this design avoids any chance of “riding up”, and is arguably the most comfortable of all the styles. A few deep brief designs will also offer a certain amount of shape control, though not to the same extent as shapewear. This Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie high waist brief provides the coverage and a little tummy control.


This lovely style is one of my personal favourites - designed to hug the hips and reveal a bit more of the bum. Comparable to hotpants, this style of brief is specifically designed to suit and flatter a woman’s figure; shaped to emphasise her curves. When paired with the right bra, this can create a knockout silhouette. The Empreinte Thalia vison shorty is the perfect example

Thong/Sexy String

Perfect for when you want to avoid visible panty lines when wearing certain skirts or dresses, the thong provides the least amount of coverage of all the styles. The waistband is reduced in size, providing little coverage on the sides, and the derrière is either mostly, or fully exposed. This style can take some getting used to, but it is well worth it to be able to wear certain dresses with a bit more confidence. The Lise Charmel Soir De Venise sexy string is the most discreet thong


The tanga provides a little more coverage than the thong, but it is still designed to avoid visible panty lines when worn with certain outfits. The waistband tends to be thicker with this style, but there is still minimal coverage in the back. Just like the thong, this can take some getting used to, but if the thong is too uncomfortable, the tanga can prove a suitable alternative. This Lise Charmel Soir De Venise Thong provides a little more cover over the bottom, but still remains invisible under clothing.

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