Unravelling Suspenders and Waspies

Unravelling Suspenders and Waspies

Today we will be unravelling two of the unsung heroes of the lingerie world, and two important additions to the perfect lingerie ensemble: suspenders and waspies.

Depending on the particular look you are going for, suspenders and a waspie can add a certain level of vintage charm to the overall look which can really help elevate the set from beautiful to truly divine. If you’ve ever felt that your set is missing something, or you’d just like to incorporate some of the practical aspects, such as a little shape control, or avoiding stockings creeping downwards throughout the course of the day, I highly recommend having a look at some of the different types of suspenders and waspies available.

Suspender Belts

Suspenders are an ever popular stable in lingerie, and we can see these practical little design features incorporated into many different types of lingerie pieces. However, arguably one of the most common pieces for the use of suspenders would be the suspender belt. Traditionally the design incorporates a thin “belt” of fabric with suspenders attached, designed to keep stockings in place.

When it comes to suspender belts, the trick is finding the right size so that it sits in the most flattering position. As suspender belts tend to be quite thin, having them sit too high, or buying a belt which is too tight can lead to unsightly bulging or squeezing of the midsection. Naturally, this can also lead to a fair bit of discomfort when worn throughout the day. If in any doubt, try buying a size bigger than you might usually pick, and aim to have the suspender belt sitting just on the curve of your hips. This Lise Charmel Soir De Venise suspender belt is a best seller at Ouh La La.


Waspies are traditionally waist cinchers, in the same line as corsets but without being nearly as restricting (also significantly easier to breath in). They are designed to sit around your waist, and were traditionally boned as they were designed to create an hourglass figure, but these days you can choose between soft waspies and waist cinching waspies.

Soft waspies will provide a certain level of shape control, but depending on the piece, they tend to be more decorative. However, for those who find that suspender belts are not flattering on their shape, soft waspies can prove to be a perfect alternative. This is especially true if you find suspender belts emphasise any unwanted weight around the midsection, or creates bulging in this area. In this regard, waspies bring the same level of elegance as a suspender belt, while helping with shape control. Some people also find them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, waist cinching waspies will be boned, and are designed to shrink your waist; giving you that traditional hourglass figure. This is one of my personal favourites, as I can’t help but love this vintage look, and one of my very favourite examples of this type of waspie would be the Lise Charmel Soir De Venise.

As always the trick is to find what works for you.

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